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Don’t Style Your Hair Away

We all want our hair to look good, and we’ll go through great lengths to flaunt it. But some of the styles we wear and how we care for them may actually damage our hair. Over time, our hair begins to shed and fall out. It’s important to understand the difference between hair breakage and shedding. Hair shedding involves long strands of hair falling with the hair bulb often attached. Take a look at a strand that’s fallen out and check for a little white bulb attached to the end of the hair strand. In general, shedding has an internal cause such as improper diet, stress, medication, or even not getting enough rest. Breakage doesn’t involve the hair shaft but includes is a mixture of long and s

Help for Shedding Hair

A woman’s hair is her crowning glory, and losing it can be devastating. Hair loss can be temporary – when the hair bulb isn’t damaged the hair follicle remains intact - or permanent - when the hair bulb is destroyed and the follicles are no longer active. This produces scar tissue and the hair will never grow there again. Permanent hair loss can result from scar tissue from inflammation of the scalp and hormonal imbalances. If hair loss is gradual and becomes noticeable each year, you may have hereditary hair loss. Shedding that begins suddenly may be due to illness, diet, medications or pregnancy. See your doctor about sudden hair loss. Also, remember that hair loss can often be the first s

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