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Relieve Dry Hair in One Word

Look at the commercials, and every woman has long, luxurious hair. But in the real world, we all experience dryness and breakage. It’s a very common problem with a one-word solution: Moisture!

Moisture, moisture, moisture. We can’t say it enough. Your hair needs moisture. That’s why we customize a combination of solutions designed to remedy our client’s individual needs. It all begins with shampoos and conditioners designed to gently cleanse and restore moisture. Too often people reach for grease and oil, but these products simply coat your hair like Vaseline coats your skin. Your hair needs a cream emulsion with the consistency of lotion that penetrates the pores and heals dryness.

Since wet hair absorbs more moisture, your hair should bathe in a wet sauna experience just like your body enjoys after a workout. That’s why hydration is an important part of the

moisturizing process. The hydration steam process opens hair cuticles to allow maximum

penetration of conditioners into the hair shaft.. Once you’ve hydrated, we rinse with cool water to contract the cuticles, lock in the moisture and add super shine.

If you commit to these steps regularly, your dry and breaking hair will return to its luxurious

luster, just like the models in the commercial.

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