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Protection Matters

It’s hot outside, and the days are getting longer. That means we're busy working out, hanging out and cooking out. With so much going on, now's the time to give your hair a rest with a protective style. They're great for traveling, exercising and enjoying summer fun.

As you become more active let your hair take some time off from daily and weekly rituals. Protective styles do just that. These carefree style options such as twists, braids and weave extensions require little to no manipulation of your hair and promote hair growth.


Generally, your hair is braided down with additional hair installed or attached to the style. You wear the protective style from 4 weeks up to 3 months* (but we don’t recommend longer because your natural hair can’t be combed).

While wearing your protective style, you should have your hair shampooed every two weeks. Your stylist will gently cleanse your scalp with an astringent, letting the water run between the braids. At home, apply a small amount of oil spray 2-3 times a week to keep your scalp refreshed and moisturized.

So, give your hair a rest with crochet braids, full sew-in weaves or lace-front closures.

*Protective styles should not be worn longer than 3 months. If your hair is neglected for too long and not combed, it can become matted, tangled, lifeless and unmanageable.


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