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Consumer Education

At Salon BKB, we know that an educated client is an engaged client. That’s why we make sure to share our knowledge with you. The more you understand about what makes your hair look and perform its best, the sooner we can achieve those results – together. In addition to your salon visits, we offer consumer education classes that give us a chance to discuss hair, beauty and wellness in a relaxed setting. It’s fun and informative, and free!

Stay tuned for more information about consumer classes.


Stylist Education

Salon BKB is home of some of the top instructors in the hair care industry, and stylists turn to us for our expertise. And we welcome the opportunity to share it. We offer regular training classes for stylists that provide continuing education, refreshers on techniques and processes, and good old-fashioned shop talk. The interactive, hands-on sessions let us hone our craft to ensure that all of our clients receive the best the industry has to offer.

Stay tuned for stylist training classes.


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