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Salon Services


At Salon BKB, we know that healthy hair is happy hair. And since the condition of your hair and scalp set the tone for your hair style, we use the Ionic Ceramic Fusion process to provide a chemical-free alternative for straight, wavy, curly or kinky hair. It includes a variety of products, tools and treatments designed to hydrate, nourish and revitalize your hair and scalp. The result is manageability, brilliance and strength. Here’s a brief overview of our services:




Ceramic Fusion (Shampoo and Hydration)

After shampooing your hair and scalp until it’s thoroughly cleansed, we use steam hydration to infuse specialized conditioners deep into the inner layers of your hair shaft. The cleansing, conditioning and hydration process helps remedy issues such as dryness, brittleness, over-processing from chemicals, and scalp inflammation. The more sessions you have, the healthier your hair and scalp will become.   


Salon BKB has adopted the Ceramic Fusion process as its signature salon service. This system of techniques and products applies controlled heat to natural or chemically-treated hair to seal in moisture from the inside out. The result is hair that’s healthier and stronger and resists reversion and humidity. 

Natural Textures

If you’re wearing natural waves, curls or corkscrew curls, Salon BKB can help you maintain your natural textures. Our team will educate you about your hair type and the proper products so you can recreate your salon look at home. All curls need moisture, so we use steam hydration to seal the moisture in to your wash-n-go style, two-strand twists for waves, banktu knots for controlled corkscrew effects or a design rod set for volume. Our goal is to give you favorable options for your natural texture style. 


Precision Hair Cuts

Every great style begins with a fabulous cut that combines artistry with creativity. It begins with understanding your personality and lifestyle so we can design a customized look that fits your facial structure and complements your lifestyle. The Salon BKB cutting system shapes and contours hair using dimensional razoring and shear techniques. Our cut technicians are trained in these techniques to create amazing texture, voluptuous volume and simple, clean looks. 

Chemical Choices

Chemicals aren’t the enemy of healthy hair, but you must choose wisely. The Salon BKB team will consult with you about options to change your natural curl pattern to curlier (applying a permanent wave) or straight (with a texturizer/relaxer). We educate, advice and guide towards solutions that create a style and hair care plan that produces phenomenal results that are easy to maintain. 

Smoothing Treatment

If you’re transitioning from a perm and need a little help managing your natural hair, a smoothing treatment may be right for you. This system gives you the manageability of a relaxer without the harsh chemicals so blow drying and styling is easier and takes half the time. It eliminates frizziness without completely removing your natural curls by using amino acids and sealants to loosen and elongate your natural curl pattern. Your hair is left soft, smooth and strong with less shedding and a brilliant shine and volume. Smoothing treatments last 2 to 3 months depending on how often you shampoo. 

Hair Color Enhancements

Whether your desire is to cover unwanted gray hair, obtain a subtle or dramatic change or add shine, our color specialists can enhance your natural beauty with colors that compliment your skin palette. We conduct personalized consultations to learn your lifestyle needs, wants and desire. Then we formulate unique color blends using various techniques such as Balayage, color melting and multidimensional free-form hair painting. These specialized techniques allow our color gurus to create stunningly unique colors that turn heads. And we can do the same for custom units (wigs), extensions and weaves. We’re good at it!

Extensions and Weaving

If you’re waiting for your hair to grow longer and thicker, or you simply want a fashionable change, weaving or extensions may be an option to enhance your look. That’s why we say, “Sew it until you grow it!” We use traditional braided techniques as well as micro links, clip-ins and strand-by-strand extensions to increase your hair’s length, volume, texture or to add color. Our extensions experts conduct a detailed consultation to discuss your desires and select options to create a natural look without stripping or damaging your existing hair. We offer full or partial options as well as customized color options to match or completely change your look. 

Custom Units (Wigs)

Anybody can buy a wig in a store, but you deserve a look designed with you in mind. That’s why Salon BKB creates signature custom units made exclusively to fit your head and accent your hair type and color. After your initial consultation, we map out everything needed to create your look and schedule a fitting when your unit is ready. During the fitting, we make any necessary adjustments and cut and style the hair into a flawless and timeless look just for you. It’s the ideal alternative for women who just want a fabulous change – for a special occasion or a long time. 

Kids Services

Salon BKB believes in training up a child in the way she should go. We also know that hair must be trained to behave manageably. That’s why we developed a Next Generation children’s program to launch their hair care journey with professional shampoos, treatments, and styles for little ones as young as 2 years old. 


We believe that the real hair care experience begins once you leave the salon. Creating a fabulous look is a joint effort, so our hair care experts help you to understand how to fully care for your hair and maintain the style between salon visits. And we want you to know what your hair needs and how you can help restore and maintain its natural luster. From consultations to regularly scheduled appointments, we share our comprehensive knowledge for a successful hair care experience. 

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