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The consultation is the first step in excellent customer service care. The process of finding the appropriate style for you, our valued client and the necessary products to maintain it are two important results of a proper consultation. We serve as the problem solver. Our job is to find solutions for all the issues you’re experiencing with your hair, good and bad through education and open communication. Once this is accomplished we will discuss appropriate products, techniques and styles to address your issues.

  Important issues to discuss during the consultation:



✓ Are you active, conservative, business or high fashion in your lifestyle choice? There is always a concern to provide a style that fits into a normal routine with ease.


Personal Traits

✓ Personal traits such as facial shape, hair texture and hair condition can help determine what is or is not beneficial for your style choice.


Hair Concerns

✓ analyzing hair concerns to determine porosity, texture, density and elasticity of your hair is extremely important in finding the best avenue for acceptable hair results.


Chemical History

✓ Having  clear understanding of any previous chemicals applied to the hair makes it easier to prescribe the proper additional chemical services needed if any. In some cases it may be necessary to determine this by the feel and visual aspects of the hair instead of depending on remembrance.


Desired Results

✓Being able to share and describe your desires is very important. We can utilize Color Swatch booklets and style pictures for total clarity which assures us of a positive result.


Clients Commitment

✓ Service maintenance requires commitment from you, the valued client to schedule salon visits as well as use recommended home maintenance regimens. Your commitment is needed to guarantee exquisite style results  


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