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Picking Poppin' Lips

The main reason many ladies steer clear of lipstick is that they are convinced lipstick doesn’t look good on them. It’s just not true.

While there are women who are blessed to rock any color, others of us need to learn what shades of color look best on us. And there’s a little color science involved that makes it less of a guessing game. Here are the basics of picking the right lipstick color:

1. Determine your skin color

- Fair skin looks best with true red, red with pink undertones, magenta and blue-toned

pinks. Fair skin often has a hard time wearing a nude lip, and colors tend to look brighter on paler skin tones.

- Medium/Olive skin tones can carry strong colors and look best

in true pinks, cranberries and brick red, plus classic nudes. Shades like Red, Apricot and Pink suit and even enhance your complexion and give you extra color on your cheek, Brighter fruit shades such as Orange-Peach also work well.

-Dark skin often is best suited for reds with burgundy or brown, dark beige, and orange-toned reds and pinks.

2. Determine Your Undertone

You’re cool-tone if your skin appears to have a blue, red or pink tinge to it. Here's how to check: Hold your wrist out, bottom side up, in the light or sun. If your veins appear blue or purple, you're cool-tone. Look for cool-tone lips colors to flatter you.

You’re warm-tone if your skin appears to have a yellow or peach tinge to it. Hold your wrist out, bottom side up, in the light or sun. If your veins appear green or olive,you’re warm-toned. Look for warm-toned lip colors to flatter you.

If you're still not feeling confident about picking a shade of lipstick, start with less intimidating options like a Lip Gloss or Lip Glass, Tinted Lip Gloss or Tinted Chapstick. But if you really want your lips poppin', schedule a color analysis and makeup consultation with SalonBKB.

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