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The 5 B Attitudes of a Great Cut

Nothing shows off a great head of healthy hair like a fabulous cut. It creates design, movement and body for today’s phenomenal woman. But creating that sassy, sexy look can be a challenge…for you and your stylist.Here are the best ways to get the style you want:

-Be prepared. Before going to the salon, determine what you’re trying to accomplish. Do

you want a complete change or just a variation of your current look? Don’t make a hasty,

emotional decision to whack off all of your hair only to regret it later.

- Be visual. Most of us can imagine wonderful looks for our hair, but it’s a lot harder to

explain that design to a stylist. Find the style you want in a magazine or online and try to

get at least three views (front, back and side, if you can). Your stylist will also ask what

you like most about the cut and what you don’t like about your current style. Be specific.

-Be realistic. Here’s a reality check: every cute cut is not cute on everybody. So, your

stylist will work with you to determine whether the cut you selected is right your facial

features, hair length and texture. This conversation will help both of you set realistic

goals and create a style that works best for you.

-Be disciplined. Once you leave the salon, you’re responsible for maintainng your new

look. You’ll need to wrap it in a silk or satin scarf, and your stylist may ask you to pin

curl your new style. The more you protect and train your hair, the more cooperative it

will be. It will hold the style much longer when cared for at home.

-Be creative. Now that you’ve got the look you want, flaunt it. Don’t be afraid of your

hair. Play with it, change it up, and try new ways to rock your new ‘do.

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