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No Gym? No Problem

It's officially summer and time to show off that bikini body. But if you don't quite have Beyonce's bootie, Michelle Obama's arms or Tina Turner's legs, there's still hope.

And it doesn't take 4-5 hours in the gym every day. You can tighten and tone with simple exercises in the park or around the house. Here are some examples:

To achieve the best results, follow this simple workout regimen:

WARM UP: 5 minute walk or job

CIRCUIT: 10-15 each, complete 3-4 rounds

1. Walking Lunges

2. Squats/Jump Squats

3. PushUps/Modified

4. Triceps PushUps

CARDIO: Run/Jog/High Knees 2-3 minutes Repeat 3-4 times

If you do this consistently and eat a healthy balanced diet, you'll see noticeable results before the end of summer.

For additional fitness support, visit, Youtube Channels or the NTC- Nike Trainer App. And you can reach me at

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