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Warm Weather Hair

As the weather gets warmer, our thoughts turn to looking cute in slinky outfits and sundresses. For many of us, that means working out more to get our bodies in shape for less clothes. But as the temperature rises, so does the heat and humidity, and that’s not cute with natural hair. Not to worry, there are some options to look great in spring and summer.

- If you’re going to work out - and we all need to - use a wrap that wicks moisture away

from hair. We sell them at the salon. Wrap your hair, cover tightly with the wrap, and

don’t remove until you’re done working out. It won’t keep you from sweating, but it

should keep your hair from getting as wet. If your hair feels wet, don’t remove the wrap

until it completely dries.

- Since sweat is salty, it’s best not to leave it on your scalp for a long time. If you can’t get

to the salon weekly, apply a small amount of Design Essentials Silk Essentials to your

scalp to prevent buildup.

- Go curly for a more manageable change. Getting a rod set gives you a nice style that

relaxes over time and allows you a variety of looks as it falls. Salon BKB offers rod sets as

a refresh between your regular visits. Your refresh must be within 7 days of your

previous visit, and your hair can’t be shampooed at home. Call the salon or visit our web

site for additional refresh guidelines.

- If you’ve got a special occasion, or just want a different look, you can also rent a wig.

We’ll hook you up with just the right look for your event. Call the salon or visit

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